Equal Opportunities

We believe that each individual is significant and unique before God.  Governors and staff at St Mary Magdalene Primary School value the fact that the community we serve come from varied backgrounds and different cultures.

We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment where everyone is encouraged to respect and value each other.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying including prejudice-based bullying or cyberbullying and actively try to prevent it from happening. We want everyone to feel accepted and celebrated in our community.

We aim to provide all children in this school with equal opportunities to learn, play and develop essential skills and knowledge.

A school environment which reflects this commitment will enable children to flourish in all that they do.

Pupils who are More Able, Gifted &Talented (MA, G&T)

At St Mary Magdalene we believe in the development of the whole child, and that every individual should have the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential.  We believe that the more able, gifted or talented child needs just as much support, guidance and encouragement as the less able child. St Mary Magdalene Primary School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is both challenging and enriching.  The particular needs of gifted and talented pupils will be met through intellectual, creative or physical stimulation, and enriched and extended curriculum opportunities, in order to develop a higher level of thinking skills.  This will often be achieved through differentiation but may additionally require separate work to be set in school and for homework.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

St Mary Magdalene School welcomes children with special educational needs as part of our Christian community and we aim to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to engage in the curriculum. We recognise the importance of early identification and assessment of children with special educational needs. Practices and procedures have been developed which aim to ensure that all children’s special educational needs are identified and assessed. Provision then reflects the individual child’s needs. The school is committed to effective collaboration between the pupil, parents and all agencies working with the child to develop individual approaches to meeting children’s special educational needs and valuing the child.

Pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

All pupils need to feel safe, accepted and valued in order to learn. For pupils who are learning English as an additional language, this includes recognising and valuing their home language and background. As a school, we are aware that bilingualism is a strength and that EAL pupils have a valuable contribution to make. We strive to develop pupils’ self-esteem and confidence by acknowledging and giving status to their skills in their own languages. We take a whole school approach, including ethos, curriculum, celebrating difference and promoting language awareness. We understand the need to help EAL pupils to become confident and fluent in speaking and listening, reading and writing in English in order to be able to fulfil their academic potential.

The progress and attainment of these pupil groups is monitored and tracked carefully to identify where support may be needed. Where a need is highlighted this knowledge is used effectively in curriculum planning, classroom teaching, use of resources, pupil grouping and interventions to provide support for individual children’s needs.

SMMS Equality Statement