WOW Team



What is the WOW Team?

The WOW team are pupils from Year 2 – Year 6 who have shown a passion for internet safety and helping others become aware of their online habits.  The WOW team meets to discuss any concerns they have, to share their understandings, and  to run surveys in school to collect information about current internet issues and then follow this up by helping to educate their peers on anything that arises.

Ways that the WOW Team have impacted school life

This year, the WOW team helped to design Safer Internet Day by gathering information and then using their own knowledge to construct an appropriate Collective Worship based on their findings.

Aim of the WOW Team

The aim of the WOW team is to raise the profile of internet safety and to give pupils the opportunity to interact and educate people around school about how to best keep themselves safe in an ever-growing digital age.

The structure of the WOW Team

Each year group from Year 2 to Year 6 has two WOW team representatives.  They regularly meet with the WOW Team co-ordinator.