School Council

What is the School Council?

Our School Council is a democratically elected group of children from Year 2 – Year 6. The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions from children in their class on a variety of issues and to be a forum for active and constructive input into the daily life of the school community.

Our School Council benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for the members to communicate their feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. This enables children to become a partner in their own education.

Issues that might be discussed in the school council include:

  • School rules and policies
  • Activities after school
  • Anti-bullying
  • School equipment
  • School and community fundraising
  • School meals
  • Facilities in school
  • Community issues

Every child has the opportunity to participate in the activities of the School Council through class discussions.

Aims of the School Council

The aims of the School Council are:

  • To promote your views through discussion about issues raised by children and staff which affect the life of the school both in the present and in the future
  • To help the people who make decisions in the school understand and respect your point of view
  • To give you an opportunity to understand and participate in a democratic process
  • To encourage you to understand the negotiation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in everyday life
  • To enable you to participate effectively in school and debate and address issues of concern to you both in and out of school
  • To enable you to become a partner in your education with teachers, support staff and parents
  • To give you a real say in how you learn and achieve
  • To promote the school’s reputation and to maintain the school ethos
  • To undertake projects that will improve the quality of the school

The structure of the School Council

Each year group from Year 2 to Year 6 has two School Council Representatives.  Within the School Council there are the following roles:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Arts Councillor


Children attend fortnightly meetings.  Since 2012 the School Council has met with the Headteacher, Inclusion Manager and the School Business Manager.  They have worked on the following projects:

  • School menu – Anti-bullying week, Book Week, Red Nose Day
  • Whole school mosaic
  • Positive play equipment and the playground environment
  • Anti-bullying Charter
  • Feedback on Marking Policy
  • Creating a Children’s version of our Behaviour Policy
  • Fundraising – Fun Run
  • Healthy School Mascot
  • Teaching & Learning – Maths focus
  • Peace Park