Green Team


What is the Green Team?

Our Green Team is a democratically elected group of children from Year 2 – Year 6. The Green Team provides our pupils with the opportunity to have their say in how we care for our school environment and contribute to the world’s overall sustainability. It also allows for pupils to develop real life skills and knowledge that will help them not only to be successful as young adults but as future advocates for the environment.

Our Green Team benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for the members to share their opinions and those of their class with the rest of the Council. As a result they are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who work hard to improve and enhance the school for the better.


Ways that the Green Team have impacted School life include:

  • Devising an Eco-Code to demonstrate our school’s commitment to improving our environment
  • Reviewing the current school environment and discussing ideas for improvement
  • Working with Southwark Council to investigate opportunities for sustainable living within the community, including energy saving methods
  • Investigating opportunities for the reuse, recycling and reduction of materials in the school
  • Sharing knowledge on sustainable living throughout the school and within the community
  • Proposing benefits of the new solar panels installed on the school roof


Aim of the Green Team

The aim is to improve the school to make it a more environmentally friendly place to work and learn. The members hope to improve the local environment and gain knowledge of how to make the world more sustainable.

The structure of the Green Team

Each year group from Year 2 to Year 6 has two Green Team Members.  The Green Team meet regularly with the Science Coordinator to discuss any new and ongoing eco issues arisen within the school.