Flu Vaccination

We have been contacted by the NHS  regarding their annual flu vaccination  programme. This year, the flu vaccination (which comprises of a nasal spray – no  injection) is being offered to all pupils in  primary schools. Please note – this is not a Covid-19 vaccination, just regular flu.

Parents have the right to opt out of the  programme if they wish. We have sent you a letter about this and it is vital that you  return it. If we do not receive a letter from you, we will assume that you DO want your child to be vaccinated.

Contrary to information on social media, the school will NEVER inject your child with anything (except children who have been prescribed an epi-pen for use in the case of a severe allergic reaction ie a medical emergency). NHS nurses will ALWAYS  contact you regarding any vaccination programme to make sure that you have time to make an informed decision about whether you want your child vaccinated or not.  Please check your emails for the letter regarding the flu vaccination programme.