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Black History Month

Officially this week is the start of Black History Month but here at SMMS we  celebrate Black history all year round. This term, our focus has been on diversity and we have been celebrating influential artists, politicians, scientists and writers through literature, art and drama.

Have a look at some of the work our children have created.  This has also been put into a short video that you can watch here 


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Yesterday, we celebrated our Harvest Festival on Microsoft Teams. Reverend Adams and Daniel from St Mary Magdalene Church opened the service, and children from our faith group read bible readings. We thanked God for the food we eat and we thought about ways in which we can help those who do not have enough.

Thank you for all your donations of food which will be delivered to Southwark Foodbank next week. We will continue to welcome donations all year.


Southwark Foodbank

This week in Collective Worship we welcomed  Simon Boxall, Manager of Peckham Food bank. He told us about how the foodbank works, why it is necessary and how it has needed to support many more people during this   unprecedented time.

He was truly thankful for all of our donations so far.


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Flu Vaccination

We have been contacted by the NHS  regarding their annual flu vaccination  programme. This year, the flu vaccination (which comprises of a nasal spray – no  injection) is being offered to all pupils in  primary schools. Please note – this is not a Covid-19 vaccination, just regular flu.

Parents have the right to opt out of the  programme if they wish. We have sent you a letter about this and it is vital that you  return it. If we do not receive a letter from you, we will assume that you DO want your child to be vaccinated.

Contrary to information on social media, the school will NEVER inject your child with anything (except children who have been prescribed an epi-pen for use in the case of a severe allergic reaction ie a medical emergency). NHS nurses will ALWAYS  contact you regarding any vaccination programme to make sure that you have time to make an informed decision about whether you want your child vaccinated or not.  Please check your emails for the letter regarding the flu vaccination programme.


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Helping your children at home

In school we are working hard to help children to catch up any learning that they missed over the last 6 months.  We will also be offering tips to parents to try at home.

In order to help children with activities such as handwriting, children need to first develop their gross motor skills (big movements) and fine motor skills (small movements). Activities at home can help enormously eg lots of exercise helps gross motor skills: football, running, cycling, scooting, throwing and catching a ball.

Click her for more ideas: Gross Motor Skills

In addition, activities such a cooking, playing with games with small parts are helpful in developing muscles in the hands and fingers.

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Music at SMMS

It’s been  a musical week in school this week with the start of some new, exciting events. Firstly, our singing teacher, Mr James Francis, began his  weekly videos for the children. In addition, Year 6 have started learning to play the samba drums with Mr Pablo Paracchino. They are working towards  a samba concert  just before Christmas.

And another new addition to our curriculum is Mr Sid Lethbridge, who is working with us every Wednesday providing music lessons for all year groups(YR-Y5). He said he was impressed with our children, in particular how well they sing. We cannot wait to see and hear what our children learn this term.

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Reception 2020

This summer we have updated our Reception/ Year 1 classroom. We passionately believe in the curiosity approach (also known as the Reggio Emilia approach) which is based on creative ways of learning to develop awe and wonder. This is based on best practice across the country and rooted in research.

The prevalence of natural materials provide a sensory experience and a blank canvas on which children can develop their imaginations. It has also been shown to develop a calmer environment in the classroom. We have thought very hard about what our children need in order to learn and grow. We are really proud of how it looks and how well the children are interacting with it.

Huge thanks to Miss L i n d e r a n d Ad r i a n (o u r p r e m i s e s officer) for their work on this over the summer.

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We need your help

Please can you make sure that your child brings a named, filled water bottle into school everyday. This is part of our Covid risk assessment to keep children safe.

Please can you arrive between 8:45 and 9:00 each morning. We are trying to avoid crowds gathering at the gates for your own safety and you can help us with this by not arriving before 8:45.

Many thanks

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