Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Saint Mary Magdalene Primary School takes great pride in ensuring that our lunch menu offers our children a varied, healthy, and balanced diet every day of the week. The menu changes each term and continues to introduce a wide range of exciting and delicious dishes.

Catering for vegetarians and all religious beliefs, we can guarantee that your child will always find an exciting option for them to enjoy every lunchtime.


Our Menu:

Please see our Summer term menu below. This menu covers a three week period, then returns to week one until the last week of the Summer term.

Our Caterer:

Our menu is provided by Caterlink Ltd.  Caterlink are education catering specialists, meaning that they focus solely on primary, secondary, academy and college clients. Healthy eating is at the very heart of their approach to food.

Caterlink wholeheartedly encourage balanced diets within our dining room and significantly invest in training its teams. Their policy of purchasing a range of seasonal produce from local and regional suppliers enables them to deliver exceptional value, whilst supporting local farmers, grocers, and suppliers.


Portion Control:

Our caterers are highly skilled professionals who have a strong understanding of nutrition and the importance of portion controls to ensure that your child has the right number of calories per day for a balanced, healthy diet.

Delivering the right amount of food to each child per day allows us to maintain a healthy environment at our school, giving your child the very best start to a healthy and happy future ahead.



We are always interested in your feedback. If you have any comments, queries or suggestions; or would simply like more information, please feel free to contact us.

We value your opinion greatly.