British Values – Democracy

Democracy is a key British Value and we have been talking about it in Collective Worship and in class this week.

We learnt that:

  • It means that all British adults are able to vote for the people they want to run the country.
  • The British Democratic system has been copied by countries around the world.
  • Some countries are dictatorships and do not have democratic elections.

We are thinking about ‘How we are a Democracy in our School?’ And our Dog of Democracy will be visiting each class to help us with our discussions.

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God’s Global Goals

This week we launched a new mission at St Mary Magdalene to try to fight inequality, end extreme poverty and respect our planet.

We are going to work together with other schools and outside agencies to be ‘agents of change,’ as part of our work around courageous advocacy. Each class has been given one of the seventeen ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ to focus on which were created by world leaders in the United Nations.

These are also known as God’s Global Goals and our aim is to work together to build a better future for everyone.

For more details take a look at the following link: https://www.globalgoals.org/ 

If you would like to be involved then do speak to your child’s class teacher.

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