Year 4 visit Cadogan Hall

Year 4 went to Cadogan Hall in Slone Square to watch the Classical road show.  The Performance was: Dreamtime Tales describing Captain Cook’s discovery of the New World and Aboriginal folklore handed down orally through the years.

 The children and other schools in the audience enjoyed watching and listening to the orchestra, we were taught some unusual instruments and what they sounded like and got to participate in some of the singing throughout the tales which we had practiced before hand. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Crystal Palace Trip – Reception

Orange Class had a fabulous time at Crystal Palace Park. We went on a dinosaur hunt with our challenge sheets, we found them all and had fun describing them. 

On the way to have our lunch we saw a statue of a gorilla, he looked very big and strong, we could feel it and had great fun having a photo next to it. 

We also saw lots of wildlife in the park, we saw some sheep, birds, dogs and lots of ducks and geese.  Everyone had fun and wanted to go back again.

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Award Winning Poet Visit

Award-winning poet James Carter was a popular visitor to SMMS .  He joined us during Book Week where he gave poetry (with music) performances and workshops to inspire both the children and staff.

Each class enjoyed Collective Worship and a poetry writing session where they were able to be creative and have fun with words.  We finished the day with a whole school inspiring poetry performance.  Kareem from Year 6 said ‘I found the Collective Worship and workshops intriguing. My mind got lost into it all!!’

To bring book Week to a close, we performed some of our favourite poems to the school during Collective Worship.  Some made us laugh, some made us stop and reflect!!  Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Book Week great!!


Here are a couple of our amazing poems written by the children during a workshop with James. To listen, press play.

Here are some of our favourite poems for you to enjoy: Poems


Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

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‘Riot Act’ workshop

Year 5 & 6 took part in the ‘Riot Act’ workshop on Wednesday afternoon, where they learned about how to keep themselves on the roads. The children were thoroughly engaged, but also had the chance to be reflective about the very real dangers that the roads posed.

Distractions such as playing in the road, using mobile phones and cycling/scooting could lead to life-threatening accidents, so the children were encouraged to be road smart when travelling to and from school.

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