Year 4 visit HMS Belfast

Our year four pupils were all ship “shape and Bristol fashion” as they set of to London to visit one of the cities greatest landmarks. HMS Belfast.

Built by Messrs Harland & Wolff in 1936, HMS Belfast was launched by Anne Chamberlain, wife of the then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, on St Patrick’s Day in 1938. After fitting out and builder’s trials, HMS Belfast was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 5 August 1939 under the command of Captain G A Scott DSO RN.

Designed for the protection of trade and offensive action she was immediately called into service patrolling the northern waters in efforts to impose a maritime blockade on Germany. However, disaster struck after only two months at sea when HMS Belfast hit a magnetic mine. There were few casualties but the damage to her hull was so severe she was out of action for three years.

After the Second World War HMS Belfast played an active role in the Korean War from 1950-1952 working with other Allied Forces to support the retreating American and South Korean troops. Her final years were spent performing peace-keeping duties until she was retired from service in 1963.

As early as 1967 the Imperial War Museum had been investigating the possibility of preserving a Second World War cruiser. This led to the formation of a trust, headed up by one of HMS Belfast’s former captains Rear-Admiral Sir Morgan Morgan-Giles. After some years the trust was successful and HMS Belfast was brought to London opening to the public on Trafalgar Day, 21 October 1971. Today she is the last remaining vessel of her type – one of the largest and most powerful light cruisers ever built.

The children had an amazing day exploring all nine decks of HMS Belfast to discover what life was like on board for the crew at war and at sea. The most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship. We took some pictures om the day, which can be seen in the galery below.

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Bishop’s Certificate

As you are aware, Governors play a key role in developing and improving their school; clarity about the role of Governing Bodies is crucial to an effective partnership between Governors and the Head Teacher and staff. The Bishop of Southwark acknowledges this important role played by Governors of Church of England schools in the Diocese of Southwark.  He encourages Governors to work towards this certificate which aims to clarify the role of the Governing Body in a Church of England school.  The Bishop’s Certificate course is designed for the whole Governing Body.

Below is a list of the modules covered:

  • Module 1: The nature and purpose of church
  • Module 2: Admission policies
  • Module 3: The curriculum
  • Module 4: Teaching and Learning
  • Module 5: Self Evaluation and Inspection
  • Module 6: Effective governance
  • Module 7: School buildings
  • Module 8: Religious Education and Collective Worship
  • Module 9 & 10: Staffing

I am very pleased to let you know that our Governing Body has been awarded the Bishop’s Certificate which is a huge achievement.  We will be presented the certificate at Southwark Cathedral next week. Please join with me in congratulating our Governors, who are volunteers, for their achievement, alongside their commitment and support of our School.

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last topic launch with Parents!

Parents and Carers attended the last topic launch of this academic year and joined the children in their classroom’s for some creative activities. It was lovely to see parents joining their children in learning, and having a really great time with the whole experience as well.

We took some pictures of the day, which can be seen in the small gallery below. May we take this opportunity to thank our parents for joining us. The children always thoroughly enjoy to see you all during school time so that they can enjoy learning with you.

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Fundraising Opportunities

Dear Parents and Carers,

Further to our letters sent regarding school funding cuts, please see details below of ways that you can help in supporting the school:

  • The Giving Machine – You generate commissions by shopping online with over 1,500 retailers including Amazon, Play.com, John Lewis, eBay, Sainsbury’s and Next. Commission is converted into donations for our school so you are raising funds for free!Please click on the following link to sign up:https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/
  • School Voluntary Transportation and Trips Fund – this is a way for parents and carers to make donations to the school per academic year. A copy of this form is attached.
  • School lottery via the ‘Your School Lottery’ website – Draws are held every Saturday.   This is a great way to support the school, as well as having the chance of winning a weekly prize.  The more people that join, the bigger the prize becomes and the more money raised for our school! You can join the lottery for as little as £1 per week and you will also be entered into a separate draw with a chance of winning an amazing £25,000 every week!Click on the following link to register and for more information: https://www.yourschoollottery.co.uk/how-it-works

Our children’s learning and well-being will continue to be our priority as we navigate this challenging period.  We ask for your continued support and prayers as we work together to ensure our children are the best that they can be.

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Video Guide – Cyber Bullying

As we now live in a world that is driven by technology, the chances of encountering a situation that you can find uncomfortable online are much higher than they were say a decade ago. Here are a few tips to help you in case this happens to you.

The most important tip of all though is to “tell someone”.

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Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Saint Mary Magdalene Primary School takes great pride in ensuring that our lunch menu offers our children a varied, healthy, and balanced diet every day of the week. The menu changes each term and continues to introduce a wide range of exciting and delicious dishes.

Catering for vegetarians and all religious beliefs, we can guarantee that your child will always find an exciting option for them to enjoy every lunchtime.


Our Menu:

Please see our Summer term menu below. This menu covers a three week period, then returns to week one until the last week of the Summer term.

Our Caterer:

Our menu is provided by Caterlink Ltd.  Caterlink are education catering specialists, meaning that they focus solely on primary, secondary, academy and college clients. Healthy eating is at the very heart of their approach to food.

Caterlink wholeheartedly encourage balanced diets within our dining room and significantly invest in training its teams. Their policy of purchasing a range of seasonal produce from local and regional suppliers enables them to deliver exceptional value, whilst supporting local farmers, grocers, and suppliers.


Portion Control:

Our caterers are highly skilled professionals who have a strong understanding of nutrition and the importance of portion controls to ensure that your child has the right number of calories per day for a balanced, healthy diet.

Delivering the right amount of food to each child per day allows us to maintain a healthy environment at our school, giving your child the very best start to a healthy and happy future ahead.



We are always interested in your feedback. If you have any comments, queries or suggestions; or would simply like more information, please feel free to contact us.

We value your opinion greatly.

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Multi-Story Orchestra

Everyone at SMMS was very excited to welcome The Multi Story Orchestra to our school early May. The musicians presented a range of instruments and invited us to join in different songs. Year 5 & 6 have had sessions with members of the Orchestra!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session, where they got to write a part of a song, and help compose the music. The Orchestra members were then able to put music to the song and the children were treated to listening to the Violin and Piano! The final performance will take place at 6pm on the 13th June at Bold Tendencies car park.

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Year 4 visit Royal Festival Hall

Year 4 visited The Royal Festival Hall this week to launch their orchestra project. The Royal Festival Hall is London’s leading music venue located on the banks of the River Thames at the heart of Southbank Centre. As well as a 2,700 capacity auditorium, the Royal Festival Hall is also where you’ll find The Clore Ballroom, and the National Poetry Library. Opened in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain, the Grade I listed Hall is one of the world’s leading performance venues.

The children learnt about all types of different instruments. They learnt about the string family,woodwind family and percussion family of instruments. The children had an amazing day and look forward to returning soon.

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