British Values

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Democracy is a key British Value and we have been talking about it in Collective Worship and in class.

We learnt that:

  • It means that all British adults are able to vote for the people they want to run the country
  • The British Democratic system has been copied by countries around the world
  • Some countries are dictatorships and do not  have democratic elections
  • We are thinking about ‘How we are a Democracy in our School.’ And our Dog of Democracy will be visiting each class to help us with our discussions.

Download our presentation:

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Bishop Karowei

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We had the wonderful privilege of welcoming the Bishop of Woolwich to our school this week.  He had a tour of the school and talked to us in Collective Worship about how we are all different but it is important to love one another and what love could look like.

Faith Group had the opportunity to ask Bishop Karowei lots of questions and he prayed for the staff, pupils, governors and parents of our school.  What a great day!!

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