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Road Safety – The Riot Act Workshop

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The Southwark Road Safety team worked with Year 5 and Year 6 in an interactive C.S.I. style workshop, promoting transitional road safety skills in an interactive way, addressing the dangers of distractions from phones, music and peer influence around roads.

“I enjoyed it because it taught us how to make sure we are always being safe near roads and what can happen if we don’t.” Lauren Year 6

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RE Day – Where in the World?

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We had a lovely day with John Hardwick from Barnabus in Schools learning about Christianity around the world.  He launched the day with a very engaging Collective Worship session when we heard that there are over 2 billion Christians across the world.  We then had class workshops where children had the opportunity to explore what the Christian faith looks and sounds like in another country.

Children heard stories of Christian believers in countries outside the United Kingdom and through music, visuals and participative learning, children encountered how Christians in other parts of the world express their faith. They also explored the growth and spread of Christianity into a worldwide faith.  Click on the link below which is an imaginative narrative about the migration of Sparkle the swallow which the children enjoyed:

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