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Science Investigations

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Andy Marwick worked with classes across the School on Science investigations.  Please see his quotes below:

“Year 3 pupils investigated whether there is a correlation between the distance a light source (torch) is from an object and the size of its shadow.  Year three were not only able to provide a convincing conclusion, they took measurements of distance and surface area.  This is normally a year 6 activity!”

“Chemical reactions was the focus for year 5 and I couldn’t have wished for a more enthusiastic and inquisitive class.  Pupils explored five different types of chemical reaction and very creatively made up a few of their own!  Pupils followed instructions well and were able to describe their observations in detail. I was very impressed by pupils’ use of scientific vocabulary to explain what they saw.”

“The focus for year 6 was on the heart and circulatory system.  I have taught this topic many times to year 6 classes over the past 20 years. However, I have never worked with such a mature and naturally inquisitive group as your year 6.  I needed to keep reminding myself that this was a year 6 class and not a group of young adults!”

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Road Safety – The Riot Act Workshop

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The Southwark Road Safety team worked with Year 5 and Year 6 in an interactive C.S.I. style workshop, promoting transitional road safety skills in an interactive way, addressing the dangers of distractions from phones, music and peer influence around roads.

“I enjoyed it because it taught us how to make sure we are always being safe near roads and what can happen if we don’t.” Lauren Year 6

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